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CN-103853397-A: 一种电容式触摸屏及其制造方法 patent, CN-103853460-A: 一种信息处理方法及电子设备 patent, CN-103854149-A: 具有时间报警功能的船舶物料管理系统 patent, CN-103859363-A: 猴头菇精粉保健胶囊生产技术 patent, CN-103860326-A: Medicine layer replaceable environmental friendly adhesive bandage patent, CN-103860788-A: Traditional Chinese medicinal preparation for treating fatty liver and preparation method of traditional Chinese medicinal preparation patent, CN-103863491-A: 摩托车手把管上的风门固定支架结构 patent, CN-103864257-A: 一种烟气脱硫工业废水处理方法 patent, CN-103866954-A: Structure of star-shaped anti-slip brick patent, CN-103873877-A: Image transmission method and device for remote desktop patent, CN-103873902-A: Digital broadcast receiver and information updating method therefor patent, CN-103875639-A: 一种草鱼窝料 patent, CN-103886548-A: 一种用于将二维码与图像融合的方法和装置 patent, CN-103887802-A: Shunting integrated automatic compensation electricity-saving device patent, CN-103888368-A: 用于限定流量控制信号的方法和装置 patent, CN-103889009-A: 切换方法和设备 patent, CN-103890783-A: 一种实现视频遮挡的方法、装置和系统 patent, CN-103893824-A: 一种具有不同刚度三维骨组织工程支架材料及其制备方法 patent, CN-103896260-A: 一种基于石墨烯的锂离子电池复合负极材料的制备方法 patent, CN-103898984-A: Top layer joint connecting structure of concrete-filled steel tubular column and reinforced concrete beams patent, CN-103899129-A: Portable lifting communication tower patent, CN-103903370-A: Novel solar energy safe application device patent, CN-103904762-A: 车载铅酸蓄电池智能充电器 patent, CN-103906395-A: 一种磁环固定装置及具有该固定装置的空调室外机 patent, CN-103906422-A: Shield wall-penetrating device for rotary shaft and canned motor patent, CN-103914644-A: Data acquisition and processing system and method patent, CN-103920036-A: Traditional Chinese medicinal composition for poultry scourge clearing and toxin vanquishing patent, CN-103922425-A: 一种多孔四氧化三钴纳米带的制备方法 patent, CN-103932249-A: 一种巧克力风味虾饼及其制备方法 patent, CN-103937377-A: Low gloss ultraviolet curing coating patent, CN-103939522-A: Engine suspending device patent, CN-103941894-A: Multi-source information aggregation system based on terminal centralized hoisting patent, CN-103942620-A: Wind power short-term prediction method using composite data source based on radial basis kernel function support vector machine patent, CN-103942805-A: Rapid image sparse decomposition method based on partial polyatomic matching pursuit patent, CN-1039526-A: Process for extraction and purification of protein extractive from sunflower seeds patent, CN-103955266-A: Low power consumption design method based on Android mobile Sink load prediction patent, CN-103968382-A: 具有双燃烧空气预混合鼓风机的燃烧气体的调制水加热设备 patent, CN-103969281-A: Device for rapidly screening self-heating danger of chemicals patent, CN-103970274-A: 一种基于语音寻址的信息存取方法及装置 patent, CN-103972945-A: 智能电池管理系统及优化电池集到其最佳性能的方法 patent, CN-103976977-A: 一种自组装高分子微胶囊体系的制备 patent, CN-103977560-A: 一种移动游戏产品实现实时社交功能的方法 patent, CN-103987111-A: 一种定位设备和可穿戴装备 patent, CN-103989573-A: Portable tenebrio worm oil massage rod patent, CN-103990247-A: 室外单杆防护装置 patent, CN-103991171-A: 一种水泵模具 patent, CN-103993135-A: Wear-resistant integral carrying roller patent, CN-103993628-A: 一种家庭式通水装置 patent, CN-103995978-A: 一种考虑综合生产因素的可重构制造系统零件族构建方法 patent, CN-103996883-A: 密闭型镍氢电池 patent, CN-103999733-A: Pneumatic lifting grape support patent, CN-104000178-A: Preparation method of instant fruity crisp fungus chips patent, CN-104001096-A: Medicine for treating acute gastroenteritis patent, CN-104003544-A: 一种油田集中式压裂废水处理系统 patent, CN-104013172-A: Multifunctional saving box patent, CN-104013220-A: Pnuematic bed system with table patent, CN-104013787-A: Traditional Chinese medicine composition for constipation and anorexia of pregnant sow patent, CN-104020841-A: 一种控制方法以及一种电子设备 patent, CN-104021087-A: Memory space management method and system patent, CN-104021903-A: 曲丝触片电位器 patent, CN-104024734-A: 排气净化装置用燃烧器 patent, CN-104028832-A: Equipment for cutting petroleum pipeline patent, CN-104031937-A: Application of millet SiREM6 gene in improvement of salt resistance of plants patent, CN-104032684-A: Combined wind shield for high-speed railway bridge patent, CN-104033216-A: Ultrasonic atomization and dust removal device for reducing automobile pollutant exhausting patent, CN-104041425-A: 鸽子养殖装置 patent, CN-104043281-A: Spindle of multi-disc vacuum filter patent, CN-104044374-A: Tape box patent, CN-104049676-A: 电子装置 patent, CN-104049775-A: 位移检测装置及其省电方法 patent, CN-104049929-A: Method for displaying dynamic image and electronic device therefor patent, CN-104051369-A: Middle interconnection layer used for 2.5D packaging and manufacturing method thereof patent, CN-104051523-A: Semiconductor device with low ohmic contact resistance and manufacturing method thereof patent, CN-104053003-A: Image encoding method and device, and decoding method and device therefor patent, CN-104054666-A: Novel misgurnus anguillicaudatus catching cage patent, CN-104055966-A: 泽泻降脂浓缩丸 patent, CN-104061929-A: Common-light-path and multi-view-field star sensor and star attitude measurement method thereof patent, CN-104062866-A: 单元连结体以及图像形成系统 patent, CN-104062871-A: 清洁部件、转印装置、中间转印装置和图像形成装置 patent, CN-104064567-A: 一种阵列基板、显示装置及阵列基板的制造方法 patent, CN-1040650-A: 热循环平行管采油测试工艺 patent, CN-104072110-A: Aluminum alloy patent, CN-104074347-A: 一种建筑用吊篮 patent, CN-104076557-A: Display substrate, manufacturing method thereof and display device patent, CN-104079856-A: 视讯数据的内容知觉储存 patent, CN-104083641-A: 一种透皮疗法本草精华液 patent, CN-104084155-A: Fluorine adsorbing material modified by utilizing hydroxide patent, CN-104084913-A: Electric spindle tool clamp patent, CN-104085074-A: Production technology for foaming polyphenyl sandwich composite thermal-insulation building block subjected to molding at later stage patent, CN-104089021-A: Rotary seal device patent, CN-104089032-A: Abrasion-resistant and high-pressure-resistant metal hard seal butterfly valve patent, CN-104090224-A: On-line detection system and method for work junction temperature of power diode module patent, CN-104091799-A: High-power LED COB direct packaging structure for vehicle illumination patent, CN-104095971-A: Traditional Chinese medicine for treating hepatitis patent, CN-104106551-A: 一种波纳频休闲捕泥鳅笼具 patent, CN-104107311-A: Drops for treating dermatophytosis and preparation method thereof patent, CN-104115131-A: Memory controller, data storage device and memory control method patent, CN-1041184-A: Application of hardenable copper alloy patent, CN-104124536-A: Circuit wiring board patent, CN-104127689-A: 一种治疗心源性哮喘的中药 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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