Warp separator of density warp jacquard pattern straw mat knitting machine


  • Inventors: JIANBIAO LU
  • Assignees: 吕建表
  • Publication Date: May 16, 2001
  • Publication Number: CN-2430453-Y


The utility model relates to a multilayer hard heddle outer push type warp separator of a density warp straw mat knitting machine, which comprises a push heddle plate, a locating plate, lifting locating bars, a heddle return plate and many warp separating units composed of steel wire heddles and straight needles. A heddle supporting ring is arranged on the straight needles, one end of the steel wire heddles is penetrated through the locating plate and mutually matched with the heddle return plate, and the other end frame is on a corresponding heddle supporting ring and forms a definite inclined angle with the heddle supporting ring. The high and the low positions of the heddle supporting rings of the straight needles of the same layer of the utility model are same, and the high and the low positions of the heddle supporting rings of the straight needles of different layers are different. When the utility model works, the interference can not occur between each other, quality is reliable, and return heddle is flexible and convenient.




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