External used medicine bag for treating epilepsy, psychosis and neurosis


  • Inventors: SHILIN LI
  • Assignees: 李世林
  • Publication Date: June 06, 2001
  • Publication Number: CN-2432939-Y


The utility model relates to an external used medicine bag for treating epilepsy, psychosis and neurosis, which is provided with a hollow bag body which can be applied at the vertebral column of the back of the human body and be made of double-layer silk weaving shell fabric in a tailoring mode. The inner part of the bag body is provided with a medicine powder sandwich layer, and both sides of the bag body are symmetrically provided with a plurality of tying bands. While in use, the bag is tied on the back of a patient and applied at the vertebra of the patient, the effective medicine ingredient in a medicine bag can act on spinal cord directly, quickly and fully and reach the disease root part-a brain nidus, so that the epilepsy, the psychosis and the neurosis are thoroughly healed.




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