Suspended automatic rotary fire extinguisher


  • Inventors: XIELIN WANG
  • Assignees: 王谢林
  • Publication Date: June 06, 2001
  • Publication Number: CN-2432953-Y


The utility model provides a suspended automatic rotary fire extinguisher, which is characterized in that the center of a casing with a cover is provided with a hanging dead axle. A temperature limit self-rupturing type glass heat detector is arranged between the hanging dead axle and a flange plate of the bottom surface of the casing; a flat spiral spring is arranged in the casing, and the casing and the hanging dead axle are respectively provided with a clamp plate and a clamp head. Both sides of the lower part of the casing are provided with a declivous discharge nozzle and a seal door in which a door lock mechanism composed of a ring circle, a rocking bar, etc. is arranged. When the fire hazard happens, the fire extinguisher can be rotated in high-speed to uniformly spray the fire-fighting powders on the fire head. The utility model is especially suitable for fire prevention place of power shortage and water shortage.




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