Built-in electric theft-proof door


  • Inventors: MEIHONG XIE
  • Assignees: 谢美洪
  • Publication Date: June 27, 2001
  • Publication Number: CN-2436631-Y


The utility model relates to a built-in electric theft-proof door (figure 9), which is a novel door. The utility model has the structure that door leaves can be bent and rolled to conceal in a door frame by rebuilding the structures of the door frame (figure 1, figure 2) and the door leaves (figure 3, figure 4); therefore, the built-in effect can be realized. An electric driving mechanism (figure 5) is adopted by the novel door under the control of an electrical key (figure 8) and a contact circuit breaker (figure 7). The utility model has the advantages of firm structure, detachability, convenient installation and operation, shapely configuration, low cost, high durability, anti-theft performance, other practicality, etc.




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