Double-track double-exle fire-proof rolling blind



The utility model relates to a fireproof rolling curtain with double tracks and double shafts, comprising an outer guide track, an inner guide track, a headstock gear, a rolling shaft which is in driving connection with the headstock gear, and a curtain surface rotated on the rolling shaft. The utility model is characterized in that the rolling shaft is provided with an outer rolling shaft and an inner rolling shaft which are provided with the same outer diameter, both of side edges of an outer curtain surface and an inner curtain surface which are rotated on the outer rolling shaft and the inner rolling shaft are respectively embedded in the outer guide track and the inner guide track, and a chain which is sheathed on a chain wheel of the headstock gear is in driving connection with a chain wheel of the outer rolling shaft and a chain wheel of the inner rolling shaft synchronously. The utility model can cause the outer curtain surface and the inner curtain surface to lift synchronously, the further scheme thereof is that a hand pulling ring chain is sheathed with a ratchet wheel of the headstock gear, and the front and the back curtain surfaces are pulled down by hand synchronously when the electric power is cut off.




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