Ship-shape slippers


  • Inventors: YUNFENG YE
  • Assignees: 叶云峰
  • Publication Date: July 11, 2001
  • Publication Number: CN-2438354-Y


The utility model relates to a pair of ship-shaped slippers. The middle part of the underside of each shoe sole is a plane surface and the front part and the back part are an oblique-shaped surface, and the included angle between the axial tangent line of the oblique-shaped surface and the plane surface is from 0 DEG to 90 DEG. The upper side of the shoe sole is two saddle shapes which are smoothly connected, and the two saddle shapes are composed of a front protrusion, a front concave, a middle protrusion, a back concave and a back protrusion. The height of the valley bottom of the front concave is larger than the height of the valley bottom of the back concave, and the peak height of the middle protrusion is larger than the peak height of the back protrusion. At least one pore canal is arranged between the front concave and the middle protrusion and the lower middle surface of the shoe sole. The shoe sole forms a middle high slope shape, so the utility model is favorable for the exercise of the waist and the legs. The shoe sole is provided with the pore canal, the front protrusion and the back protrusion, so the wearing is more comfortable.




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