Medicine box for steam medicated bath



The utility model relates to a medicine box for steam medicated bath, which comprises a box cover (1), a box seat (4), an upper filter screen (2) and a lower filter screen (3), wherein, the box cover (1) and the box seat (4) are connected up and down integrally to form a hollow container, and the upper filter screen (2) and the lower filter screen (3) are arranged in the hollow container; the upper filter screen (2) and the lower filter screen (3) are fastened up and down, and Chinese medicinal materials are arranged thereof; the box cover (1) is provided with a plurality of air outlet holes (11); the bottom of the box seat (4) is provided with a steam inlet pipe (41), and the outer wall of the steam inlet pipe (41) of the box seat (4) can also be provided with screw threads which are matched with screw nuts (5) to fix the medicine box in a specified position. When the utility model is in use, the medicated bath can be realized only by connecting the steam inlet pipe (41) of the box seat and a steam outlet pipe of a steam generator.




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