• Inventors: YUQIANG CUI
  • Assignees: 崔驭强
  • Publication Date: August 01, 2001
  • Publication Number: CN-2441215-Y


The utility model relates to an output terminal, which is used on a high voltage electric capacitor or other electric apparatus equipment having a seal requirement, particularly the improvement of the structure of a sleeve pipe. The structure of the utility model is that a titanium alloy baking layer and a metal material filling layer are arranged in a center hole of a metal accessory, and the titanium alloy baking layer approaches to a porcelain body. The utility model has high mechanical strength, and has no leakage phenomenon within two minutes under five atmospheric pressure after measured by the national electric power capacitor product detecting center. During pulling force experiment, all testing products break at the position of the porcelain body. The sleeve pipe with the structure solves the problem of leakage in the prior art.




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