Electric water heating vessel jointed with electrothermic tube base by screw



The utility model relates to an electric water heating vessel jointed with a base body of an electric heating pipe by a screw, which is proposed for providing an electric water heater part which has the advantages that the working environment can be improved, the assembly performance is good, the structural strength is high, and the leakproof performance is good. The utility model comprises a barrel body, an electric heating pipe, and a base body of the electric heating pipe. A concave plane surface provided with edge round hole is arranged between the walls of the barrel body; the base body of the electric heating pipe comprises a supporting plate, a plurality of plug bodies, an inner leakproof gasket, an outer leakproof gasket, a drain stop ring, and a fixing plate. The plug bodies is penetrated on the supporting plate in advance, and is fixed on the barrel body by a plurality of bolts penetrating through the inner leakproof gasket, a positioning hole, an outer leakproof gasket, and the supporting plate; the fixing plate on which the electric heating pipe is locked is be fixedly locked on the plug bodies after sheathed with the drain stop ring.




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