Board for writing training, tracing and drawing


  • Inventors: HONG LIN
  • Assignees: 林竑
  • Publication Date: September 05, 2001
  • Publication Number: CN-2445937-Y


The utility model relates to a board for writing training tracing and drawing. The utility model is composed of a main frame body, a power line, an electric light source and a bottom cover, wherein, the upper surface of the main frame body is provided with a frosting glass plate, the lower surface of the frosting glass plate is provided with a window used for receiving the electric light source, the frame sides of the right, the lower and the right of the window are provided with communicated sliding slots, a drawing tool is arranged in the sliding slots, the drawing tool can slide in the sliding slots, the drawing tool is composed of a straight rule and a protractor, two pairs of reels used for winding various training bands and light regulating film bands are arranged in the main frame body, and a reflector of the electric light source is arranged in the position against the frosting glass plate. The utility model is suitable for students to do housework and practice characters, and for engineering drawing personnel to tracing and drawing.




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