Heat-storage mould


  • Inventors: HONG CHI
  • Assignees: 池洪
  • Publication Date: September 26, 2001
  • Publication Number: CN-2449900-Y


The utility model relates to a heat storing mould, which is composed of a female mould (1), a male mould (2) and a mould cavity formed by that the male mould and the female mold are combined, wherein, a plurality of air overflowing gaps (4) are arranged on the male mold (2) and the female mold (1). The heat storing mould is characterized in that the air overflowing gaps (4) are positioned on the edge of a mould body and communicated with air exhaust clearance holes (3); the air exhaust clearance holes (3), (5) reach the outside of the mould body directly. The utility model has the advantages of good air exhaust, no deformation in compression, and long service life.




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