Well-tube water-filtering part of water-collecting deep well



The utility model relates to a well-pipe water filtering part of a water collecting deep well. A water filtering part has the structure that a plurality of water inlet holes are evenly distributed on the pipe wall of a well pipe in the water collecting deep well. The outside of the well pipe is provided with a filtering net which can filter out the foreign body in covering way and can only be used for underground water going into, wherein, a plurality of longitudinal tie strips are evenly distributed on the wall surface of the outside of the water filtering part of the well pipe in convex way. The filtering net can be abutted on the covered water filtering part at the outside of the tie strips to make a gap arranged between the filtering net and the water inlet hole of the pipe wall. When the underground water can pass through the water filtering part to flow into the well pipe, the water flow and the water flow pressure can fully be dispersed by the structural design; the utility model has the characteristics of avoiding the outside foreign body concentrating on somewhere of the filtering net to lead to blocking condition; simultaneously, the utility model has the efficiency of reducing the damage of the filtering net caused by the high pressure water flow, etc.




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