Multifunction recovery therapeutic bed


  • Inventors: GENSHENG HAN
  • Assignees: 韩蕤
  • Publication Date: October 31, 2001
  • Publication Number: CN-2456673-Y


The utility model relates to a novel multifunction recovery therapeutic bed. A bed frame is a three-dimensional space in which an upright column is supported by an upper, a middle and a lower fixed bars, and in addition, the midpoints of two bed legs are vertical upward. A bed body is provided with a cylinder longitudinal section, a bed surface is a strip-shaped plate, the center of a sponge mattress is provided with a stool and urine processor, the five motions of the bed are operated by means of electric control and manual operation, and the utility model can prevention and cure a patient's bedsore when the patient is ill in bed for a long time, the utility model can cause a paralytic to be rehabillitative and cause a vertebra patient to be treated by means of traction, and the utility model is convenient for the patients who can ont get out of bed defecating and urinating in bed. A picture plane shows: a foot end upright column (17); a headend upright column (13), a cylindrical bed body (20), a bed surface angle conversion frame (9), a bed surface radian adjusting rocking handle (2), a back rest lifting rocking handle (5), the stool and urine processor (7), an upper bar (14), a middle bar (18) and a lower bar (19).




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