Liquid filter for automatic cleaning filter core



The utility model relates to a liquid filter for automatically cleaning filter cores, which is provided with a pressure-difference suction exhauster used for automatically cleaning the filter cores. The pressure-difference suction exhauster is composed of sewage suction pipe and a seal block arranged in parallel with a filter core cartridge, the lower end of the suction pipe is connected with atmosphere, the side facing the filter core cartridge are provided with gap grooves from the top to the bottom, the edge of each gap groove is provided with a lug boss, the seal block is arranged between the filter core cartridge and the suction pipe, one side of the seal block is provided with a sliver groove sheathed on the lug boss of the gap groove of the suction pipe, the opposite side abuts with the outer wall of the filter core cartridge, and a cavity is formed between the seal block and the outer wall of the filter core cartridge. The utility model has the advantages of simple and reasonable structure and assurance of the quality and the efficiency of liquid filtering.




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