Hidden screen


  • Inventors: XINGMIN FAN
  • Assignees: 范兴民
  • Publication Date: October 31, 2001
  • Publication Number: CN-2457318-Y


The utility model relates to a hidden screen window, comprising a box body, a fixed shaft positioned in the box body, springs sheathed on the fixed shaft, a screen rolling shaft and a guiding groove for the moving direction of a window screen cloth. The utility model is characterized in that both ends of the fixed shaft are separately provided with the springs, wherein, each one end of which is connected with a spring sleeve, and the other end of the spring is connected with a fixed sleeve; an ash cleaning mechanism is arranged on each of the outlet point of the window screen cloth on the box body and an outlet wall opposite to a window screen cloth surface. The utility model has the advantages of strong mechanical strength and wind preventing capability, flexible ingress and egress of the window screen cloth and convenient ash cleaning.




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