Device for sleeping on desk


  • Inventors: HAIFENG LIU
  • Assignees: 刘海峰
  • Publication Date: November 21, 2001
  • Publication Number: CN-2459997-Y


The utility model discloses a device for sleeping on a desk. The method of arranging an inclined surface between a desk and the upper body of the human body which is on a desk is used. The device for sleeping on a desk can be an air bag body which is arranged in an inclined surface state, and a face containing space is arranged on the inclined surface of the bag body, wherein, the containing space is connected with an inclined ventilating hole which is penetrated through the bag body and is inclined downwards to the horizontal line. A jointing member is also arranged on the bag body and a spacer is arranged on the jointing member. The utility model can also be composed of a supporting body which is arranged in an inclined surface state, an air bag type headrest and a chest belly pad, wherein, the face containing space and the jointing member are arranged on the headrest and the spacer is arranged on the jointing member. The compression of the face part for sleep can be effectively reduced, and the defect of drooling can be overcome.




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