Sight-seeing tour guide system

Système de guide touristique



A guide system comprising: guide data storage means stored with guide data for guiding an object along a road or an object on a street or in an area; guidance output means for outputting a guidance of the object to be guided; present position detecting means for detecting and tracing a present position; guide output means including first search means for searching the guidance object on the basis of the present position obtained by the present position detecting means, and second search means for searching the guidance object within a range different from that of the first search means, for reading out and outputting the object, which is searched by the search means, from the guide data storage means; and a manual key for instructing the search of the second search means. The guide output means searches the guidance object by the second search means in place of the first search means, when the manual key is operated, so that the guidance object is extracted and outputted for the guidance to the guide output means.




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