Device for clamping the cable in electrical outlets or plugs

Dispositif pour la fixation des câbles à la sortie des connecteurs électriques

Vorrichtung zum Fixieren von Kabeln am Ausgang von elektrischen Verbindern


The present invention pertains to an electrical outlet or plug, comprising a body, which encloses a connecting jack, which can be connected to a cable, and a grip element for clamping the cable. The body and grip element are provided with complementary means, which limit the axial unthreading movement of the latter in relation to the former and for preventing their disconnection once they have been connected. A locking nut is joined to the grip element axially, with the possibility of remaining joined to the said grip element, and through this, to the body when it [nut] is completely unscrewed and removed. Means are also provided for preventing the unscrewing rotation of the nut once it has been screwed down.




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