Golfschlägerkopf, golfschläger und golfschlägerset

Tete de canne de golf, canne de golf et ensemble de cannes de golf

Golf club head, golf club, and golf club set


A golf club head (1, 101) has a momental ellipsoid (10, 110). Assuming that three principal axes of the momental ellipsoid (10, 110) orthogonal to each other at the origin are an axis I 1 , an axis I 2 and an axis Is in order of larger moments of inertia about the principal axes, the ratio (A/B) of a sectional area A at the time of cutting the momental ellipsoid (10, 110) along a plane passing through the origin and parallel to a face plane (11, 111) and a sectional area B at the time of cutting the momental ellipsoid along a plane including the axis I 1 and the axis I 2 is at least 1 and not more than 1.4.




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