Emulsion de mazout de type eau dans huile

Water-in-oil type emulsion fuel oil

Treibstofföl-emulsion des wasser-in-öl-typs


A water-in-oil type emulsion fuel oil is prepared by dispersing and emulsifying in heavy oil a water/carbon mixture prepared by dispersing carbon fine particles in water with a dispersant and a protective colloid. The emulsion fuel oil includes 100 vol% of heavy oil and 20 to 45 vol% of the water/carbon mixture. Water particles are uniformly dispersed and emulsified in the heavy oil in the form of particles having diameters exceeding 20 µ m but not exceeding 35 µ m, and when the amount of the water/carbon mixture to be mixed with 100 vol% of the heavy oil is 20 to 35 vol%, the dispersed water particles have diameters ranging from 25 to 35 µ m, while when the amount is 35 to 45 vol%, they have diameters of from more than 20 µ m to 25 µ m. Because, in this emulsified fuel oil, flame temperature does not change in comparison with the heavy oil combustion to which water is not add, this emulsified fuel oil is extremely advantageous in view of a heat balance. Since oil to be combusted is decreased, CO 2 to be exhausted is decreased, thereby it is effective in inhibiting global warming.




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