Circuit de correction de la différence de niveau entre les signaux d'images issus d'un capteur d'images à sorties multiples

Signal difference correction of picture signals read from multiple readout type image sensing device

Differenzkorrektur von aus einer Bildaufnahmevorrichtung mit mehreren Ausleseregistern ausgelesenen Bildsignalen


An image sensing apparatus includes an image sensing device having an image sensing sections which is divided into a plurality of image sensing sections and generates electric signals corresponding to amounts of incident light and a plurality of output units respectively outputting the electric signals of the plurality of image sensing sections, a shutter which can open and close an optical path of incoming light to the image sensing device, and LEDs for emitting light to at least a part of the image sensing sections of the image sensing device so that the light is projected onto the plurality of image sensing sections. Signal difference between the plurality of output units is corrected on the basis of the correlation of image signals obtained while turning on LEDs with screening the optical path to the image sensing device by the shutter.




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