Tuner zum Empfang von Fernsehsignalen im VHF- und UHF-Band

Tuner for receiving television signal in VHF band and UHF band

Circuit d'accord pour la réception de signaux de télévision dans les bandes VHF et UHF


In a television tuner, a predetermined bias voltage is applied to the anode of a first switching diode (3). A power supply voltage is applied to the collector of a switching transistor (6) via a power supply resistor (7), and the emitter of the switching transistor is grounded. The collector of the switching transistor is connected to an input terminal of a first FET (12) via a first resistor (16). The first switching diode and the switching transistor are both switched on or off correspondingly to whether a television signal in the UHF band is to be received or a television signal in the VHF band is to be received.




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